Gynecology, Obstetrics
Joint replacements
Dental, Health checks
Hypertension Clinic
General Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Pediatrics Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Dermatology, Cosmetology
Radiology, TMT/ECG
Ultrasonography, 3-D
Echo Cardiography
Immunization, Aircrews
Medical Examinations for
DGCA 1 &2, Lungs
function test Orthopedics
Neurology, Neurosurgery
Pulmnology, Nephrology

We at Sannati Specialty Hospital serve you with all the basic specialties and super specialties in Medical, Surgical, Ortho, Maternity, Gynecological and Dental fields. With immense care, we treat you with the best ethical and evidence based practices by the most efficient physicians around.

At Sannati, you are assured of quality treatment services. All kinds of Health Insurances are attended at our Specialty Hospital, with cashless facilities.

Various Health Cards – Corporate, Senior Citizens, School Children, Diabetic Care Card, General Check-ups are provided.

Facilities at the Hospital : 24 /7 hours pharmacy, 24/7 ICU facility 24/7 Ambulance Facility, Operation Theater, General Ward, Private ward, Deluxe ward, Semi Private, Doctor Consultation -In house doctor Super
specialty doctors .

Dental : Apart from Routine Dental Clinic restoration, Root Canal Treatment, Dentures, Crown and Bridges, We also have special attractive dental design .1) Tooth Jewellery, 2) Smile Design, 3) Tooth whitening,
4) implants dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation.

24/7 Lab Facilities at the Hospital: E.C.G, T.M.T, Echo, USG (Obdomen), Pelvis scan, Venus Doppler Arterial Doppler PULMONARY FUNCTION TEST

Message from the Administration Department.

Our greatest strength is our staff. Our nursing personnel continue to increase their standards of excellence, and our administrative staff has continued to effectively manage the daily difficulties so pervasive in this difficult health care environment. An idea can be more easily lost than implemented. When it is shared, it has a multiplier effect. The hospital is focused on providing 24/7 quality and affordable care in Bangalore’s rapidly changing healthcare environment .continue to strive for clinical excellence, personalized care and medical services that are responsive to the needs of the society.


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